Here be the old works from my first days on the internet when Yahoo groups for roleplaying were popular and geocities was a brand new and shiny thing.


World of Darkness, Mage the Ascension, Changeling the Dreaming, Vampire the Masquerade, Vampire the Dark Ages and Werewolf the Apocalypse are all copyrighted to and owned by White Wolf. The rules, information, and lore belong to their original creators within the White Wolf system.

Unless otherwise specified, images used on this site was created by the amazingĀ artistĀ Luis Royo. I mean not to claim the work as my own. The artwork used is for enhancement of the characters only, because they were very much inspired by these lovely works.


Vampire The Dark Ages: Ultima Thule

Changeling The Dreaming: Club Extinction

Mage The Ascension: Summerfaire